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Effective 1/1/18, Walpole Little League (as a requirement of Little League Baseball) will adopt the USA Baseball bat standard.  See details below.


WHAT is changing?

USA Baseball and its national member organizations have developed and adopted a new standard method for testing the performance of youth bats. The USA Baseball bat standard (USA Bat) bats will perform similar to how a wood bat performs.  Participating member organizations will now allow the use of 2 1/4 barrel AND 2 5/8 (big) barrel bats, as long as they are stamped (in one of the ways seen below) and certified.


WHY make a change?

According to USA Baseball, the new rule is “…another step forward in making the game more uniform at the youth level, ensuring the long-term integrity of the game.”

With ever-increasing technology, metal bat performance has continually improved throughout the years. In recent years, performance levels of youth bats could vary widely. This rule is to ensure a level playing field in bat performance among youth players in the leagues who adopt the rule.


WHEN does it go into effect? 

The rule is effective January 1, 2018. All bats that are currently approved for Little League are legal for use until December 31, 2017. After January 1, all non-wood bats must carry the USA Baseball logo and certification.  Wood bats are an acceptable, more economical, option and wood bats do not require the USA Baseball logo.


HOW do we buy USABat bats?

Manufacturers are still working on the development of USA Bat certified bats. They are expected to be available for purchase in the fall of 2017 (a number will go on sale on 9/1). Most major manufacturers are expected to carry bats with the USA Bat certification.


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